VisitorsStudio by Furtherfield

"So that we can see the conversation that we have to make the work" was directed by Michael Szpakowski. This movie is about VisitorsStudio, an online place for real-time, collaborative, audio-visual mixing and networked performance, a tool via for editing movies and images live with other people online. VisitorsStudio provides a platform for the exploration of collective creativity for both emergent and established artists from a diverse array of geographical locations and social contexts.

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Artwork - VisitorsStudio
Director - Michael Szpakowski

"VS creates a Beuysian mediaspace or channel for the (relative) masses in which openness and access override technical specificity. Of course, with the private sector's current Web 2.0 models of audience-created intellectual property, the very openness of the VS's content model raises issues around creative freedom that are larger than this short missive. What is important is that the VS offers a readily accessible channel for collective creation and community building with minimal toolsets, and this, while not unheard of, is a highly valuable asset in the New Media world." Essay about VisitorsStudio by Patrick Lichty.

Much of the movie footage was shot at HTTP Gallery (another Furtherfield initiative) where networked media arts projects and events are presented and discussed in physical space.

The director Michael Szpakowski is an artist, film maker, compositor and co-editor at, an Internet site for short films.