Polyfaith - Chris Dooks

Polyfaith.com is a project by Chris Dooks. The website provides a printable map and mp3 files to accompany a free tour of of his home town Edinburgh seen through the eyes of an unusual local character. In this short movie Polymath he introduces the beliefs and philosophies of his friend Erica Tetralix, as explained through the city's landmarks.

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Artist - Chris Dooks
Project - Polyfaith
Director - Chris Dooks

Chris Dooks lives and works in Edinburgh. He works with art, film, text and music.

"In 2005 I was bequeathed a map of Edinburgh which revealed unto me secret landmarks of the city via my (now sadly deceased) friend Erica Tetralix who was 72 and an ex-Edinburgh physics teacher. Find out why Scotland's biggest ASDA's address is 100 The Jewel and why the manager's name is Jim Diamond. Don't believe me? Go there. Discover how the eco-revolution will start at Aboretum place via Holly Bushes and how you can speed the growth of plants faster than using baby-bio. Want to discover the link between the Hebrew name of God and asthma? All this and more will be revealed via the talk and the related website" Chris Dooks.

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