5+5=5 Guidelines

Guidelines for creating Net Art Films

The purpose of the project is to offer alternative and informative entry-points into the practise of Net Art and Networked Media Art in a format that can be viewed on the Internet and DVD.

These movies, each approximately 5 minutes long, feature the concepts, contexts and techniques involved in the creation of a specific piece of work. The movies include conversations between artists, audiences and film- makers, talking on their own terms who collaborate to make a movie. They explore the networks of people, politics, tecnology and aesthetics.

Furtherfield set the following guidelines for the movies they commissioned.

To show the human and social context of the work include at least 3 of the following formats or any other you can think of:-

- interviews/conversations with the artist
- interviews/conversations with the artists friends, family, colleagues
- artists' interactions with the public, friends, family, colleagues
- audience interaction with the work
- audience talking about the work
- in the artists studio/living-room/bed-room/
- the work/production process

Movies should include at least some footage of the artist (or a stand in for the artist) out and about in the artist's or artwork's neighbourhood (this could include filming an activity)

Duration: Approx 5 minutes long and compressed for web.