Order DVD

How to order your copies of the 5+5=5 DVD.

You are free to view the movies for free online.
However if you would like to order a physical copy of the DVD here is how it works . . .

If you live in the UK the prices includes postage and packing and are as follows
one copy - £10
three copies - £25
six copies - £40

If you live somewhere else in the world please add another £5 to the price to cover postage.
This covers the cost of our effort and raw materials. If you prefer to just buy one and then make your own copies and distribute them this is also fine, just so long as you abide by the conditions of the Some Rights Reserved Creative Commons License

There are two ways of buying a DVD: Online Payments or by Cheque.

Cheques or Postal Order
If using cheques (UK only), please write them to: Furtherfield.org

Cheques or Postal order can be sent to:
Unit A2
Arena Design Centre
71, Ashfield Road
London, N41NY

Online payment via PayPal : Pay to Furtherfield